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Property News: 1 July 2019

Upgraded library due to reopen

Stoke Library will reopen next week, after being closed for five weeks because of moisture damage.

The library closed on May 24 to allow assessments and initial repairs of the damage. During the closure, it was discovered that the moisture damage was minor enough that it could be dealt with before the library was due to reopen.

The internal repairs have now been completed, and the library will reopen on Monday.

While the library was closed, the Greenmeadows community centre was used as a pop-up library location.

The pop-up library will close tomorrow. There will be no library services in Stoke between Thursday and Monday while the library moves back into its old home.

The library is still due to have external repair work done, scheduled for the 2019-2020 financial year.

Nelson City Council community services group manager Roger Ball said those repairs were not expected to require the closure of the library again.

(The Nelson Mail, Wednesday 26 June 2019)

Greenmeadows review still 'months' away

The promised external review of the council’s Greenmeadows process could be months away.

The review was announced late last year after the project was beset by delays, shoddy construction work, and cost over-runs. The review was meant to take place after the construction work was completed.

In August last year, audit, risk and finance committee chair John Peters said that Nelson City Council was receiving legal advice and was seeking to recoup unspecified losses in the project.

Council chief executive Pat Dougherty said on Wednesday that the council was still working on the recouping process.

(The Nelson Mail, Friday 28 June 2019)

Rates up 4.2pc as Nelson adopts its annual plan

Nelson’s ratepayer bills will be increasing as promised with the adoption of the annual plan.

The Nelson City Council annual plan was formally adopted yesterday, after weeks of consultation, debate, and amendments.

Mayor Rachel Reese said the rates cap was ‘‘pretty conservative’’ with about 2 per cent room to move, and despite a ‘‘difficult’’ balance said she was happy with the plan and the rates, which rose by an average of 4.2 per cent.

The annual plan was adopted with nine votes for, and four against.

(The Nelson Mail, Friday 28 June 2019)

Gorge handover now complete

After months of negotiations, the world-renowned Wairoa Gorge mountainbike park is now a recreation reserve owned by New Zealanders.

American billionaire Ken Dart, whose company RHL NZ owned the land, announced last October it planned to donate the 860-hectare park to the Crown.

On Friday, the land was officially handed over with the documents for the transfer signed.

Department of Conservation northern South Island operations director Roy Grose said it wasn’t every day that a foreign land owner wanted to gift a mountain bike park to the people of New Zealand.

He said a lot of work had to be done to ensure the handover could take place.

The park was surrounded by the Mt Richmond Forest Park on three sides. Around 560 hectares were covered in native forest, with 390 hectares of that assessed as having high ecological significance within the region.

The gorge had a river running through the middle of it, a stand of Maitai flats that hadn’t been cleared out by settlers and it formed a contiguous belt of beech forest.

The Wairoa Charitable Trust had been appointed to manage the land with the Nelson Mountain Bike Club, who had a 40-year lease to operate the park.

(The Nelson Mail, Saturday 29 June 2019)

Online credit card payments are here

Duke and Cooke have introduced a new online payment method for your convenience. All current forms of payment are still accepted, but we now have the facility to accept payments over our secure online gateway. By clicking the link below you can pay online using your credit or debit card instantly. You can also request a receipt to be emailed directly to you after the payment is processed.  

Pay Now

Stoke Rugby Football Club receives new lectern

Duke & Cooke Director, Simon Charles, coaches junior rugby for Stoke Rugby Football Club.  He noticed that they needed a lectern.  So Duke & Cooke commissioned a brand new lectern to be purpose-built for the job.  Here's Simon looking the part with the finished product:

Stoke Rugby Lectern

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