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Property News - 17 February 2020

Eco-village proposed for Bay

A group of social entrepreneurs has bold dreams to help solve Golden Bay’s housing crisis by building an eco-village with around 60 homes.

Couple Liv and Graeme Scott last week secured a 14.5-hectare section of farmland on the corner of Meihana St and Rototai Rd, and have plans to build a co-housing development there.

Co-housing is a concept in which private homes are built in clusters around shared spaces. The residential-zoned property is opposite Golden Bay High School.

(Nelson Mail, Wednesday 12 February 2020)

Fire risk closes sanctuary

Nelson’s Brook Waimārama Sanctuary is being closed to the wider public due to fire risk.

The sanctuary is the latest in a series of reserves and parks being closed due to increasingly hot and dry conditions.

The Nelson City Council has been monitoring the Build Up Index (BUI), a measure of how difficult it would be to suppress a fire, with initial measures to restrict access to reserves being taken at a BUI of 60, followed by stricter closures at a BUI of 80.

(Nelson Mail, Friday 14 February 2020)

Water restrictions hit Nelson

The dry season is biting, with water restrictions from Tasman District rippling over to some areas of Nelson City.

From next Monday, the Tasman District Council will impose either third- or fourth stage restrictions, depending on the area, which will affect Nelson residents on the Richmond water supply, adjacent to Champion Rd.

Nelsonians living near Champion Rd will be put on Phase B restriction, where watering lawns, filling or topping up swimming pools, or using water for play is banned.

(Nelson Mail, Friday 14 February 2020)

Rocky problem causes ‘speed bump’ for dam

Rock may be imported for part of the embankment of the Waimea Community Dam, which is under construction in the Lee Valley, near Wakefield.

Under the original plan, excavated rock from the build site was to be used for the rock fill dam, a $104.4 million project being managed by Waimea Water Ltd.

However, Waimea Water chief executive Mike Scott said some of that rock was causing concern.

(Nelson Mail, Saturday 15 February 2020)

Thought for the Week

(Monday 17 February 2020)