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Property News - 2 October 2017

Pilots: Fees now sky high

Private operator Alan Caudwell is set to take to the seas not the skies, after having his wings clipped by high landing fees and hangar land-lease prices at Nelson Airport. 

Leasing the land that his hangar sits on cost $9128.76 per year before the 77 per cent increase in March that now sees him paying $16,100.

Nelson private operator and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s, Ian Andrews, says Nelson is a pretty good airport but they need to look after general aviation.

“Profit is fine but it’s got to be realistic and I think they’ve pushed it a bit far,” says Ian.

But Nelson Airport CEO Rob Evans says the increases are due to a three year review and is in line with land price increases in the region.

“We have independent reviews our land valuations every three years or so and adjust rentals in line with movements in the market.”

But like the lease fees, Rob says the airport’s landing fee increase is simply a function of a five year cycle and the airport has offered general aviation operators a discount to these charges which has been welcomed by most operators.

Rob says the airport is still receiving plenty of interest from general aviation operators.

“We are receiving enquiries on a regular basis from existing and new businesses for hangar space. In particular in the tourist flights, executive jets and engineering training.”

(The Nelson Weekly, Tuesday 26 September 2017)

Dangerous house torn down

A derelict house on St Vincent Street was demolished last Tuesday after a large fire, one of several this year, convinced the owner to level it.

The wooden house, just metres from the Nelson Fire Station, was fully ablaze by the time the fire service reached it on Friday, September 8.

Following the illegally lit fire, the Nelson Fire Service said the house was "dangerous" and needed to be pulled down. No consent was required for the demolition.

(The Nelson Mail, Tuesday 26 September 2017)

Farmers' Market gets new riverside home

The Farmers' Market is to shift from its central city location to a walkway along the Maitai River.

The organisers of the Nelson food and produce market voted on Monday night to accept in principle the riverbank site opposite the Trafalgar Centre car park, proposed by the Nelson City Council.

The Farmrs' Market, which sells locally grown and made produce, was served an eviction notice from Morrison Square in July by landlord the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

Farmers' Market manager Miriam Clark said she was initially disappointed by the council decision, but the Maitai River boulevard offered an attractive environment.

Nelson's Farmers' Market will be held in Morrison Square for the last time next Wednesday, before moving to the Maitai River walkway the following Wednesday, on October 11.

(The Nelson Mail, Wednesday 27 September 2017)

Helicopter house fast taking shape

Man. What a week. So many people have been working on the job, and the house is rapidly taking shape. We had the wonderful Pre-trade carpentry Students and their tutors from NMIT here again, this week, doing some vital preparation work for the fitting of the roof, and the external bracing.

We wouldn't be able to keep the project on target without their help.

The awesome Colorsteel Fascia and spouting was donated by Top of the South Continuous Spouting, and this was installed on Friday - magnificent job by Kurt and his team. The roof, donated by Freeman Roofing and NZ Steel was delivered on Friday - along with all of the materials required for its installation.

(The Nelson Leader, Wednesday 28 September 2017)

Thought for the Week

Children think not of what is past, nor what is to come, but enjoy the present time, which few of us do.

(Jean de La Bruyere)