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Property News: 20 May 2019

Owner hopeful farm may reopen

Children may again roam across the Mapua Animal Farm as its owner hopes to reopen the popular visitor attraction.

The rare breeds farm park shut its gates to the public at the end of March because of what then owners Vicky and David Pattinson said were ‘‘changed personal circumstances’’.

Vicky Pattinson said some animals had been rehomed since the closure, and a few, including mini horses, were being leased out, but the ‘‘special animals everyone knows and loves, I’m keeping them here’’.

Animals remaining on the farm include Bruno the buffalo, highland cows, yak, ostrich, emu, deer and Texas longhorn.

Pattinson said over the last two weekends before the farm closed, there were more than 400 people calling in each day.

The Animal Farm was open for more than four years as a place for children to interact with the four-legged friends.

(The Nelson Mail, Monday 13 May 2019)

More hospital car parks on the way

Finding a car park at Nelson Hospital is about to become a whole lot easier with construction of a new carpark due to start in the next few months.

The carpark will be built on an unused greenspace on Franklyn St and will be for staff. The current staff carpark - closer to the hospital - will then be reallocated for public parking.

This will provide an extra 29 general public car parks.

(The Nelson Weekly, Wednesday 15 May 2019)

Work buries reserve hopes

A digger at work this week on open space in the Langdale subdivision at Richmond is excavating more than just earth – it is removing the hopes many residents held for the creation of a reserve on the site.

The start of earthworks came just days after a majority of voting Tasman District Council Richmond Ward councillors agreed that no offer would be made to buy any of the land for a reserve from Wensley Road Developments Ltd, which created the subdivision.

Though the initial intention was for the site to become a reserve, it was never vested in the council, and is now earmarked as four lots, with earthworks under way on one of them.

Wensley Road Developments director Graham Vercoe said the councillors’ decision was ‘‘surprising and disappointing’’. Following a meeting in February, he was asked to provide a value for the land, and believed the council would buy at least two lots.

(The Nelson Mail, Friday 17 May 2019)

Mall shops flooded as rain lashes region

Heavy rain lashed the NelsonTasman region on Sunday afternoon, with Richmond the worst affected of the urban areas.

The resulting flooding affected Richmond Mall. Some stores were closed on Monday morning, and dryers were working throughout the centre.

Council community relations manager Chris Choat said that when hydrologists broke down the numbers, they discovered that 47mm fell between 5.20pm and 6.20pm, ‘‘which is a 40-year hourly rainfall’’.

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said he was pleased that the recently upgraded drainage system in Queen St, Richmond worked well during the downpour, which was a one in five-year event.

Choat said the Queen St upgrade was designed for a one-in-20-year event, which showed the magnitude of rain it could handle.

(The Nelson Mail, Wednesday 15 May 2019)

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