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Property News: 21 October 2019

New airport set to soar

The final part of Nelson Airport’s $32 million overhaul is almost complete as the new departures’ hall is set to open next Tuesday.

It will mark the end of the two-year build which has seen the demolition of the original terminal and the creation of a new, ambitious design for a building that reflects the region and its growth.

Jointly owned by the Nelson city and Tasman district councils, the airport company began the redevelopment in June 2017, with an expectation it would take two years. The new infrastructure has been designed to cater for the forecast growth to 1.4 million passengers in 2035.

(The Nelson Weekly, Wednesday 16 October 2019)

Hopes for home 'ripped away'

A Nelson builder who pinned his hopes on an affordable home says his family are out of options after the subdivision they had planned to build on was denied by a government decision.

Building apprentice Jay Pope and his partner are one of many parties who had hoped to build an affordable home on Jason and Ange Mudgway’s farm at Hope.

The Mudgways wanted to develop the land under the Special Housing Areas (SHA) Act, a temporary law which aimed to streamline new developments by lessening consent times through accords between local councils and central government.

However, with the act expiring on September 16, the Mudgways received a letter from Minister of Housing and Urban Development Megan Woods saying their application hadn’t come through in time.

(The Nelson Mail, Wednesday 16 October 2019)

Gondola plan gains momentum

Nelson’s gondola project is one step closer, with finished architectural designs and a widened scope, including a face-to-face tuatara experience.

The project has moved from an adventure mountain biking focus to a more universally appealing tourist attraction.

Chair of the park development company, Hemi Toia, said he was ‘‘excited’’ about the broadened scope of the gondola and attached park, which has been renamed Koata Park.

The current proposed path of the gondola goes from the Maitai Valley up Fringed Hill, travelling for 1.3 kilometres and ending 630 metres above sea level.

(The Nelson Mail, Friday 18 October 2019)

Nelson hatchery speeds up breeding of greenshell mussels

Nelson-based trial results showing hatchery mussels can grow up to twice as fast as those caught in the wild is expected to be worth about $200 million a year to the wider New Zealand economy.

Greenshell mussel company SPATnz released the results of its multi-year breeding programme yesterday, developed in partnership with Sanford, the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Cawthron Institute.

SPATnz programme manager Rodney Roberts said his team and all who were involved were thrilled with the results.

(The Nelson Mail, Saturday 19 October 2019)

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