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Property News: 25 June 2018

Climbing to a new home

It’s the only climbing centre in the Top of the South, but it could be all reduced to rubble by the end of the year.

Vertical Limits on Vanguard St is on the hunt for a temporary home until they can build a brand new centre.

The building which houses the much-loved facility was purchased by Gibbons Holdings late last year, who have plans to redevelop the site.

It was also home to the Salvation Army Family Store and Wills Auctions – but both have now moved to new locations.

Manager James Scoltock took over Vertical Limits two years ago and says he found out in December that their lease wasn’t going to be renewed.

He has since brought land at another Vanguard St location to build a brand new climbing centre, but he says it would be “years away”.

(The Nelson Weekly, Tuesday 19 June 2018)

Mayor defends $3 million overspend

Nelson City Council has done a “pretty good job” on managing its civil infrastructure projects despite an almost $3 million overspend in the last five years, according to Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese.

The council’s infrastructure projects have come under fire recently for budget blowouts and running over schedule on timeframes. After Stoke’s Greenmeadows Centre resulted in a $1 million overspend, the Nelson Weekly requested details of all major infrastructure projects that had an initial budget of more than $1 million that either went over budget or weren’t completed in the expected time frames.

Figures were released under the Official Information Act revealing that of the 15 major works over the past five years, almost half were over budget and another half weren’t completed on time. The total overspend came to $2.7 million.

Rachel says that often the budget blowouts are due to controlled scope changes and that overspend of $2.7 million was minimal, considering a lot of it was pre-approved.

She also says that there are things that can put pressure on the system such as the Kaikoura earthquake.

 Project Approved Budget Actual Spend
 York Stream Channel Upgrade $2,575,000 $3,313,896
 Maitai Pipeline Duplication $9,640,445 $9,809,079
 Maitai Walkway (Akersten St to Trafalgar St) $2,936,000 $3,265,888
 Trafalgar Centre re-opening $10,534,000 $13,885,571
 Princes Dr road upgrade $1,074,445 $1,149,751
 Cable Bay Rd recover $3,603,000 $3,160,642
 Waimea/Motueka intersection upgrade $1,262,000 $1,191,957

(The Nelson Weekly, Tuesday 19 June 2018)

Speedway 'breached consent'

The Nelson speedway may have to cut its race days, after a judge’s finding that it has breached its consent.

For many years, the Top of the South Speedway off Lansdowne Rd, near Richmond, has held two day events. But in a written decision, Environment Court Judge Brian Dwyer finds that a ‘‘deemed consent’’ allows Nelson Speedway Association Inc to conduct one race meeting on a single day every 14 days only.

The decision, which is being appealed, follows a hearing on May 16 after two neighbouring residents of the speedway sought declarations from the court that some 2016-17 meetings were in breach of the terms of the land use consent. They also argued that the terms of the deemed resource consent allow the association to hold meetings fortnightly from October to April each year.

In his decision, Dwyer refers to a letter dated April 11, 1968 from the president of the then Tasman Car Scramble Club to a Tasman District Council predecessor, Waimea County Council. In the letter, the president requests approval to establish a stock car track.

(The Nelson Mail, Wednesday 20 June 2018)

Queen St work nears completion

The target completion date for the multimillion-dollar upgrade of Richmond’s Queen St has been pushed back for a third time.

Tasman District Council community relations manager Chris Choat said the work was programmed to be finished with fences down mid-next week. By Monday July 2, there would be full access and amenities in place.

The revised date comes after TDC project manager Jeff Robinson in May announced a target completion date of June 18, which was more than two weeks later than an earlier plan to have the work finished by May 31. That end-of-May target was a month later than the original planned completion date of April 30.

(The Nelson Mail, Wednesday 20 June 2018)

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