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Property News - 4 August 2020

Plan change for Maitai project yet to be made : Residents unite to protect wetland : Homeless hub gets boost : Methane levels at old tip ‘safe’ ‘Home away from home’ hotel still among travellers’ favourites : Work needed to improve campground accommodation

Property News - 13 August 2020

'Basic' repairs only for Stoke Hall : Report backs $2.3m artificial turf project : Post-lockdown rush cools off : NCC to decide on riverside move : TRU backing turf project

Property News - 19 August 2020

Overhaul needed for Nelson’s ageing pool network : Alpine huts' restoration gains altitude : Helping hand for environmental projects : House sales at highest level in decades : First water flows after dam diversion culvert blessed : Rethink 'high-risk' project, council told

Property News - 25 August 2020

Petition gathers steam against Maitai plan : New offices down by the riverside? No, says council : High St upgrade gets nod : Why is it so hard to buy a home? : We should all be worried about the state of housing : Pressure builds for new school : The grinding treadmill of renting : Residents locked out of Golden Bay’s rental market