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Property News: 16 April 2018

Home affordability in city on a par with Auckland

More than two thirds of rental households are not able to comfortably afford typical rents in either Nelson or Tasman, according to a recent report.

The quarterly report on urban development capacity, delivered to the Nelson City Council planning and regulatory committee on Thursday, showed a general increase in house prices and residential rent in the Nelson-Tasman region.

Housing affordability in Nelson is now on par with Auckland and Hamilton.

House prices are showing signs of potentially flattening off, though affordability is still decreasing. The last year saw affordability decrease by just over 7 per cent, compared to the previous years’ 20 per cent decrease.

Population growth in Nelson is currently outstripping house supply. The council granted resource consent for over 450 new residential properties in the six months to December 2017, almost double the previous six months.

(The Nelson Mail, Monday 9 April 2018)

Storm-hit road will be removed

The damaged beachfront road on Rabbit Island, near Nelson, will be removed while sand push-ups are planned to help deal with the fallout from ex-Tropical Cyclone Fehi.

Sections of the road were washed away when the storm hit the Nelson-Tasman region on February 1, causing significant erosion of the beach, which is 1200m long. All 14 beach access ways were destroyed along with fencing.

One fully accessible ramp, rebuilt before Christmas at a cost of $15,000, was damaged beyond repair by Fehi.

Seawater inundation from the storm also caused large areas of grass and hundreds of trees to die on Rough Island.

At its meeting yesterday, the Tasman District Council community development committee agreed to the removal of the road and push-ups when excess sand was available.

The committee also agreed to move the parking areas back from the shoreline, plant sand-binding grasses and change the remaining road layout from one-way to twoway around the Totara, Harakeke and Manuka picnic areas.

(The Nelson Mail, Friday 13 April 2018)

Hospice build well under way

The foundations have been laid and the framing is up as the new Nelson Tasman Hospice building takes shape in Stoke.

Since the fundraising campaign was launched in August, $2 million has been raised for the hospice. But the organisation, which has no government funding for the project, still needs to raise $2m for its new build.

Nelson Tasman Hospice marketing and fundraising manager Paul McIntyre said the community had responded to the call for support with ‘‘amazing generosity’’.

The total cost of the new building is $11.5m. The hospice have contributed $7.5m to the project, which left $4m to raise.

Hospice CEO Frans Dellebeke said staff were excited about moving into the new building and it would be the first time all of the hospice services were based at the same site.

The building would have a small cafeteria, two courtyards and rooms for 10 patients, each with a deck that had views out into the gardens.

To donate to the new facility, visit donate

(The Nelson Mail, Saturday 14 April 2018)

Park upgraded

Two sports grounds ripped up in Neale Park will be set to rights shortly. A trench was dug through the Nelson sports fields to lay a power cable for the nearby stormwater pump station. The trench will be filled, and the grounds reinstated by next week, said Nelson City Council group manager of infrastructure Alec Louverdis. "There will be no long-term loss of sports fields due to the pump station upgrade works," he said. The pump station is being upgraded because the pumps have to work at higher pressure, and are not suitable for planned city development. The upgrades to the pump are expected to be completed in October this year.

(The Nelson Mail, Saturday 14 April 2018)

Target reached

Waimea Irrigators Ltd (WIL) has reached its target of commitments for 3000 water shares to help fund the proposed Waimea dam. The success comes after the dam proponent twice extended its initial offer for the shares. Its second extension closed on Thursday. WIL and Tasman District Council are proposed joint-venture partners in the plan to build a dam in the Lee Valley, near Nelson. The project is tipped to be funded by a mix of ratepayer, irrigator and Crown funding. WIL aims to raise $16.5 million via the sale of the shares. Its initial offer of $5500 per share opened on February 8 and was originally due to close on March 22. Chairman Murray King said it had been almost 20 years since irrigators first started talking about "a solution to our acute water shortages and here we are today with one in reach".

(The Nelson Mail, Saturday 14 April 2018)

Lease renewed

Melrose House has had its lease renewed for another five years. The community services committee agreed to renew the lease to Noel Percy Adams (Melrose Society) Trust, who will continue to run the house as usual. The long lease is to grant security to the cafe which functions in the house. The cafe has agreed it will renew its lease to the Trust pending the committee’s agreement to renew to the trust. Melrose House is a council asset, however its operation and upkeep is entrusted to the Melrose Trust, supported by the Friends of Melrose. The house is leased at the annual rate of $200 plus GST, in acknowledgement of the high cost of upkeep and maintenance in a heritage building.

(The Nelson Mail, Saturday 14 April 2018)

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