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Property News - 22 October 2020

Loan ‘best way’ for Port Tarakohe redevelopment

A limited recourse loan was the best way of supporting a now-shelved project to redevelop Tasman District Council-owned Port Tarakohe in Golden Bay, according to a Government business unit.

Provincial Development Unit (PDU) investment director Eliot Linforth-Hall on Friday said it was ‘‘entirely’’ Tasman District councillors’ decision not to take up the loan of up to $20 million, which was announced in September by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

(Nelson Mail, Monday 12 October 2020)

Time to rethink our subdivision model?

Why is the housing of all people well, so difficult? If we are serious about applying quality thinking to how we house ourselves, we must consider building from many perspectives.

We need to consider the land, the local climate, the regulatory rules, appropriate building technologies, and economics both short and long term. How we organise ourselves in the decision-making processes, and of course cultural considerations – both as groups and as individuals – also need to be taken into account.

(Nelson Mail, Monday 12 October 2020)

Property market relentless

The top of the south’s runaway housing market is showing no signs of slowing down, with September’s house sale volumes the largest in decades.

Figures from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) showed both Nelson and Tasman cracked the 100 mark for sales in September.

The sales figures showed a continuation in the trends that began after the end of the coronavirus lockdowns in April.

Compared to September 2019, Nelson had an increase in sales of 66 per cent, jumping from 65 to 108. Over the same time period, Tasman’s house sales lifted 42 per cent from 73 to 104.

For Nelson this was the busiest September since 2003, and for Tasman the busiest September since records began. As sales volumes went up, the average days to sell and amount of inventory went down.

(Nelson Mail, Wednesday 14 October 2020)

House prices continue to climb

Tasman District and Nelson City remain the second- and third least affordable regions respectively for home buyers behind Auckland, with median prices 60 to 70 per cent higher than they were five years ago.

The statistics are contained in the Nelson-Tasman Monitoring Report for the year ending June 30, which is required under the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity. The report was discussed by Tasman councillors yesterday.

Data from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development reveals that the median sale price for the year ended June 30 was $583,625 in Nelson and $647,188 in Tasman, up 6.6 per cent and 7.9 per cent respectively on a year earlier.

(Nelson Mail, Friday 16 October 2020)

Nayland seeks feedback on enrolment zone

Nayland College is asking for community feedback about its proposed enrolment zone.

With the college in Stoke nearing its 1330-student capacity, the Ministry of Education had requested that the co-educational school introduce an enrolment zone, principal Daniel Wilson said.

While the introduction of the zone some time next year was a ‘‘fait accompli’’, the ministry required the school to run a consultation process to collect the school and wider community’s thoughts on the enrolment boundaries, Wilson said.

The school’s board of trustees will collate the feedback. It would then go to the ministry, which would make a final decision, Wilson said.

(Nelson Mail, Saturday 17 October 2020)