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Property News:17th November 2014


The Government's plans to sell off thousands of state houses and get social housing providers to take on vulnerable tenants is already under way in Nelson.  Housing New Zealand (HNZ) confirmed to the Nelson Mail there are currently eight properties sitting empty in Nelson.  Some had been empty for over two years, while others had been empty for about three months.  One property was empty because of natural damage and there were three earthquake-prone properties on Orchard St where demolition was pending. Four other properties in Nelson were in the early stages of being sold.  They were to be offered to local iwi first, under "right of first refusal" policy.  If iwi declined to buy the homes, a HNZ spokesperson said they could be put on the market or sold to other entities.  In July, the Nelson Tasman Housing Trust began building homes on land it purchased from HNZ after a HNZ home burned down in Kawai St.  Victory Community Centre manager Kindra Douglas, who was also on the board of the trust, said the project was a good example of social housing working with HNZ.  It was the first time the trust had bought land from HNZ. The trust is building three homes on it, one three-bedroom, and two two-bedroom properties.  She said she did not agree with state housing being sold off on principle, but if it meant it would go to social housing providers like the Nelson Tasman Housing Trust at a reasonable  rate, it could be hugely beneficial.  It was important to ensure the trust was still able to rent the properties out a 80 per cent of the market rent.

(The Nelson Mail Monday, November 10, 2014) 


-  There are 733 HNZ properties across Nelson, Tasman, Motueka and Golden Bay.

-  Nelson has 561, made up of 37 one-bedroom houses 282 two-bedroom, 208 three-bedroom, 27 four-bedroom houses. In Richmond there are 46; one one-bedroom house, 26 two-bedroom, 14 three-bedroom and five four-bedroom houses.

Ministry of Development Social Housing waiting list in Nelson City, as at September 30, 2014:

-  Priority A (people considered "at risk" with a severe and persistent housing need that must be addressed immediately): 12.

-  Priority B (people who have a "serious housing need" and include households with a significant and persistent need): 8

What is Income-related rent?

-  It is rent which is subsidised by the Government in order to make accommodation more affordable for those on low incomes.

-  It is calculated based on income.  A low income is considered to be an income below the "single, living alone" rate as determined by New Zealand Superannuation - the maximum is currently at $366.94 after tax.  If you qualify for income related rent, the Government pays the difference between the rent you pay and the normal market rates.

(The Nelson Mail Monday, November 10, 2014) 


Tasman will consider selling some of its silverware to help pay for the proposed $74.6 million Waimea Community Dam. Affordability to ratepayers was the top issue at yesterday’s packed final dam consultation meeting. About 80 people crammed into the council’s Richmond chambers for a public meeting on proposed governance and funding options. Former Tasman councillor and Waimea East Irrigation chairman Kit Maling said the dam was vital for the region’s growth and stability, but the cost was a concern. ‘‘The 2012-22 LTP indicated council debt would be $311 million by year 10 (2022). We are $153 million as we stand today and expect to be around $173 million by next June. But in the LTP budgets out to 2025 we have reduced debt by $100 million over the 2012 estimates. Over that 10 years (to 2025) we will fully fund depreciation and annual rate rises will be around 3.4 per cent with the dam and 2.9 per cent without.’’  Submissions close tomorrow at 4pm. Hearings will be held later this month and the council is due to make a decision on December 11.  Resource consent hearings of submissions to the dam’s construction application would start in December.  The final decision to go ahead with the project or not would be made by the council as part of the 2015-25 LTP.

(The Nelson Mail Thursday, November 13, 2014) 


A submission and a report on the Waimea Community Dam commissioned by business leader Tom Sturgess picked holes in the Tasman District Council’s case and say big irrigators should shoulder the cost. Public submissions on the proposed dam’s funding and governance options close at 4pm today. The project is estimated to cost $74.6 million and many ratepayers are questioning its affordability. Sturgess, a Nelson and Golden Bay resident, used Christchurch lawyer Alanya Limmer to prepare his submission, and Redwood Valley economist Reinhard Pauls to assess the council’s statement of proposal for the dam’s funding and governance. He called the experts in at short notice after becoming concerned about the council’s process and both documents were submitted to the council yesterday. A second economist’s report for Sturgess was being finalised today. 

(The Nelson Mail Friday, November 14, 2014) 


The Nelson property market is looking positive despite last month’s flat period, says Real Estate Institute Nelson spokesman Darryl Marshall. The median house price for Nelson city in October remained static at $366,000 compared with the same time last year, the institute’s latest data show. The number of Nelson city homes sold fell from 103 in October last year to 78 last month, a 24 per cent drop. Marshall said this month there had been a late spring surge, with more properties coming on to the market, creating an impetus for sales. ‘‘We have seen a seasonal surge, even if it is a bit late. There is plenty to be positive about; there are good attendances at open houses, especially new stock to the market, not only driven locally – we are seeing people from Auckland and still seeing people from Christchurch".


Median house price in October compared to same time last year.

Nelson City $366,000 no change
Richmond $440,500 up 10%
Motueka $315,000 down 20%

(The Nelson Mail Saturday, November 15, 2014) 


One of the last remnants of old Port Nelson was farewelled in its present state yesterday – with the promise of an exciting future. The Guards Sea Services’ boatsheds on Haven Rd, just before Wakefield Quay, saw dozens of hand-built wooden trawlers, yachts and launches roll out the doors since legendary boatbuilder Jack Guard set them up in the early 1950s. Now his family have sold the premises to Spanish photographer Jose Cano, who has lived in Nelson with his wife and daughter for the past six years. The old blue church next to the large sheds, a familiar landmark, is part of the deal and Cano said, although it was early days, his hope was to fully restore it and open it as a cafe. The two linked sheds were an earthquake risk and would have to come down, Cano said. It was too early to say what might be built on the large site but he hoped to have a photographic studio there. 

(The Nelson Mail Saturday, November 15, 2014) 


A secondhand shop benefiting the Nelson SPCA has moved from ‘‘Op Shop Alley’’ on Vanguard St to bigger and better new premises. The SPCA OpShop is now located at 21 Vanguard St opposite Young’s Automotive. It opened on Monday. Manager Stacie Doyle said moving all the stock had involved ‘‘a lot of long days’’ put in by herself and volunteer staff, but the extra room, improved parking facilities and more accessible floor space had made up for the effort.  

(The Nelson Mail Saturday, November 15, 2014) 


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