Property News – 15 November 2023

Taskforce: Stop clear felled forestry on council-owned land

Hillsides stripped of forest on council-owned land will become a thing of the past in Nelson, if the city council approves the recommendations of a taskforce proposing a “significant departure from council’s current direction” on forestry.

The Right Tree Right Place Taskforce has recommended the council move away from production forestry on its 600 hectares (ha) of commercial plantation land, and transition the mainly pinus radiata forest blocks into “continuous canopy” forest systems – mostly of mixed species.

(Nelson Mail, 8 November 2023)

Council to dig up cars buried on riverbank after 2018 storm

Almost six years after vehicles washed down the Motueka River during ex-tropical Cyclone Gita, they are to be removed by the Tasman District Council.

Group manager of community infrastructure Richard Kirby said during Cyclone Gita in February, 2018 debris was hauled out of the river and buried on farmland during the emergency to establish further temporary flood protection along its banks.

The debris included “three or four” cars, although Kirby conceded the council didn’t know exactly how many, and there could be “one or two others”. They also didn’t know exactly where they were.

(Nelson Mail, 8 November 2023)

Slip-threatened houses in Nelson City buy-out

About $5.6 million of ratepayers’ money will be spent buying out 10 properties in the Brook after slips in the area became “widespread and more unstable”.

On Wednesday, Nelson City Council announced it was in talks with property owners whose homes were at risk from three slips impacted by the August 2022 rain event, and made worse by another significant downpour in May.

The council had planned to remediate the slips as part of a $17.3 million programme of work agreed to in May to repair and “build back better” slips on council land.

But, ongoing geotechnical work had found the planned fixes for three slips were “no longer appropriate and fit-for-purpose, as the slips are now no longer localised, have become widespread and more unstable”, a council statement said.

(Nelson Mail, 10 November 2023)

Dozens of new homes for Nelson, what about Motueka, Golden Bay?

With no government housing planned for Golden Bay, the region will have to tackle its lack of affordable housing “pretty much on its own”, says a councillor.

Earlier this year, social housing provider Kāinga Ora announced a series of planned developments for Nelson, including 49 homes in Nelson South. In August, it completed 13 new homes in Richmond.

However, the housing provider has no plans for homes in Golden Bay.

Julia Campbell, Kāinga Ora’s regional manager for Nelson, Marlborough and the West Coast told Stuff: “When weighed against the need in other areas, [Golden Bay] is not currently a high priority for public housing.”

(Nelson Mail, 11 November 2023)

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