Property News – 24 April 2024

Uncertainty for owners over fate of slip-hit homes

Nelson man Caleb Harcus used to get asked several times a day what was happening to his derelict house.

The distinctive red house on Rocks Rd lay empty along the busy stretch of iconic coastal highway like an “exposed carcass”, after being hit by a slip during extreme rainfall 20 months ago.

Nine homes remained red-stickered in Nelson, and 59 properties had yellow stickers, signifying areas that could only be entered temporarily.

(Nelson Mail, 15 April 2024)

Dam completed just in time

The long-awaited Waimea Community Dam may be two years late and over budget, but its shareholders say it’s been completed just in time.

Tasman mayor Tim King says the benefits of the dam have been highlighted over the past six weeks, with the region dealing with a significant drought.

Construction began on the dam in early 2019 and was due to be complete in late 2021. Its projected cost at the time was $104 million, which had since grown to $198.2m.

(Nelson Mail, 17 April 2024)

Rain damages stored historic documents

Water damage to historic documents stored at a leaking Nelson Provincial Museum building highlights the need for its planned new $14.9 million facility, staff say.

The downpour in Nelson last Thursday night led to another leak at the ageing Isel Park, Stoke research facility, with water running down a wall into two boxes of papers.

(Nelson Mail, 17 April 2024)

Victory villa finds new home in Brightwater

An old villa in Victory is set to move to a new home in Brightwater this week.

Estimated to be more than 120 years old, the house will be departing 162 St Vincent St in several sections.

The house was put up for sale by tender in June last year by Fiona Newey and her husband Taakarei Ruha, who owned it for 20 years. Living in Golden Bay, the couple purchased the property in 2003 to be closer to college for their sons. They plan to build a new duplex on the site, and if they hadn’t found someone to relocate the villa, it would have been demolished.

Fiona says they had interest from Dunedin to the Wairarapa, however, only four groups visited the house and only one tendered.

(Nelson Weekly, 17 April 2024)

UN expert visit shines spotlight on Nelson Tenths

A United Nations indigenous rights expert has visited the Top of the South to learn about the Nelson Tenths case and the Crown’s breach of its legal obligations to Māori.

Francisco Calí Tzay, The UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, met with representatives of the customary Māori owners of the Nelson Tenths Reserves last week at Te Āwhina Marae in Motueka, and visited several sites of significance in the region.

The Nelson Tenths is the longest-running property claim in the country.

(Nelson Weekly, 17 April 2024)

Two-way layout for Bridge St confirmed

A new two-way street layout as part of the “tremendously exciting” upgrade of Bridge St has been approved by Nelson City Council, with the project now moving to the developed design stage.

At a meeting on Thursday, councillors voted eight to four in favour of a two-way road layout over a one-way layout for the Bridge to Better project, which aims to improve water, stormwater, and wastewater infrastructure, provide capacity for city homes, and revitalise the CBD.

(Nelson Weekly, 17 April 2024)

Weathertightness woes for pavilion

A “number of issues” with weathertightness have been discovered at the Trafalgar Park Pavilion, Nelson City Council has confirmed.

A report to a council meeting on 4 April said the issues are “likely to result in unbudgeted costs” to council.

“These include issues from the time of construction in the mid-90s, and some stemming from repairs made in later years,” says group manager community services, Andrew White.

The pavilion was built in 1996. Areas of concern include the blockwork on the lower level, fibre cement cladding on the upper level and the glass reinforced acrylic membrane on the terrace.

(Nelson Weekly, 17 April 2024)

Fire hydrant blows, damages CBD storefront

A fire hydrant that blew in the early hours of Wednesday morning has destroyed a storefront veranda on Nelson’s Trafalgar St.

Debris from the veranda littered the pavement in front of the Fat Tui cafe after the hydrant blew about 3am.

At the site of the burst water pipe about 9am, a worker was seen standing in the waist-deep hole as the cleanup began.

(Nelson Mail, 19 April 2024)

DOC website crashes over demand for coveted Tōtaranui camp site

Demand for bookings for Tōtaranui camp site was so high it caused the Department of Conservation website to crash on Wednesday morning, despite measures designed to deal with the expected rush.

Bookings for the popular Abel Tasman National Park campsite opened at 9.30am on Wednesday, causing the website to come down as would-be campers attempted to secure coveted summer sites.

(Nelson Mail, 19 April 2024)

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