Property News – 28 February 2024

Storm recovery charge proposed to be paid by more residents

Ratepayers may face a smaller annual storm recovery charge in Nelson as the council looks to spread the cost over more residents.

Nelson City Council is looking to reduce the annual $330 storm recovery charge to $300. Each ratepayer will likely face the fee for 10 years, starting in 2025.

The council has managed to get the cost down by considering a different approach for who it charges.

The council is proposing to charge each Separately Used or Inhabited Part (SUIP) instead of applying the charge to each rateable unit, spreading the $60-million storm recovery cost over an extra 3000 units.

(Nelson Mail, 21 February 2024)

Smiths City closing store

The Smiths City store in Richmond, Tasman, is set to close, with staff relocating to the Nelson store.

Colin Neal, the investor whose company Polar Capital owns the furniture and electronics retail chain, confirmed by email that the Richmond store would close once its lease ended.

It is understood this will be in March. Neal’s brief reply said: “All staff to remain and transfer to Nelson.”

(Nelson Mail, 21 February 2024)

Fees increase worries club

A council-proposed increase in landing fees at Tākaka Aerodrome has Golden Bay aviation enthusiasts warning that they may move their planes off the aerodrome and onto private airstrips.

Landing fees are to be “significantly increased” at the aerodrome, the Tasman District Council confirmed in response to questions from Stuff.

The council did not specify what the landing fee, which is currently $10, would increase to, but Golden Bay Flying Club secretary Murray Bensemann said he understood that it was to double.

(Nelson Mail, 23 February 2024)

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