Property News – 30 July 2021

Cost of floods surfaces

Farms and businesses around Nelson/Tasman are assessing the damage caused by the flooding across the region over the weekend.

Few areas remained unaffected, with the flooding extending from Golden Bay in the west, Murchison in the south, and Wakefield in the east.

In Murchison, beef farmer Graeme Thomson said going back 65 years, he couldn’t remember floodwaters reaching such a high level.

(Nelson Mail, Wednesday 21 July 2021)

Waimea dam unscathed

Floodwater during the weekend at the construction site of the Waimea dam came within 2.8m of overtopping concrete kerbs that reach 22.8m from the riverbed on the face of the partially built structure.

Waimea Water Ltd chief executive Mike Scott said the water level rose about 20m above the riverbed at the Lee Valley location of the dam build after 200mm of rain fell between Friday and Sunday at the site, which is about 36km southeast of Nelson.

In the largest flood since construction began, river flows peaked in excess of 180 cubic metres a second. More than 12.5 million cubic metres of water passed through the site over the three days – enough to almost fill the dam reservoir. While there was damage to some roads, the dam ‘‘coped very well’’ with the storm event, Scott said.

(Nelson Mail, Wednesday 21 July 2021)

School’s house sale price ‘unfortunate’

As property prices continue to soar, a woman who gifted a house to a school says she is surprised the building has sold for less than its government rating value nearly three years ago.

Benefactor Judith Lenart questioned why Nelson College for Girls sold Bronte House for $1,150,000 last month, when the property had an original 2018 rating value (RV) of $1,250,000 – until the property went on the market in May and it was reduced.

(Nelson Mail, Friday 23 July 2021)

Search for rental home ‘draining’

Tenant Anna Jones fears her search for a new home at Motueka is going to be difficult in the tightest market she’s experienced in the growing town.

Jones, who grew up in Motueka, is looking for a one-bedroom property to share with her quiet cat, Cookie.

As at 1.30pm yesterday, Trade Me had only four listings for rentals at Motueka, two of which were available immediately – one three-bedroom house and one two-bedroom property. The other two listings were both for three-bedroom homes, both available in August. Those four properties are a mix of agency and private listings.

Jones’ feelings that the market was the tightest in memory were shared by Tasman District Council Motueka ward councillor Trindi Walker, who has long been aware of challenges with housing in the town. ‘‘I’ve known since probably 2014-15 in my [previous] role with The Salvation Army. It’s just escalated from there. In fact, I’m surprised it’s been allowed to get as bad as it has.’’

(Nelson Mail, Saturday 24 July 2021)

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